Interview with Troy Dean of WP Elevation

Jessica Barnard interviews with WP ElevationLast year at Pressnomics, I had the pleasure of chatting with Troy Dean about his newest business venture, WP Elevation, which is the world’s first business accelerator program to help WordPress consultants get better clients, work on better projects, and get paid better fees.

Troy and I had a great conversation about our mutual business philosophies, and when he reached out a few months later to ask if I’d like to be interviewed on his podcast, I gladly accepted!

In this interview we cover a variety of topics, including how to:

  • Find a niche for your business
  • Get specific about who you do and don’t want as customers
  • Create customer profiles to help with the commercial theme creation process

Bonus! Win a copy of Genesis and a theme of your choice ($100+ value):

In addition to the great tips you’ll receive while watching this interview, you’ll also have the opportunity to win some awesome prizes!

Leave a comment on my interview with Troy telling me what features or design elements you’d like to see incorporated into a Genesis child theme for a chance to win the Genesis Framework + one of my Genesis child themes.

Watch it now!

Post by: Jessica Barnard


  1. The Watch It Now link appears to be bad…

  2. This was a terrific podcast! As an author, I really liked your thoughts on the elevator pitch. That is one of the things authors need to do well – and many don’t even know where to begin. Keep it simple. If you can’t explain it, you don’t know it. Perfect advice to cut through mind clutter.

    Thank you!

  3. Loved the podcast. Thank you.

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