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On October 1, 2013
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My Moo sticker review: I couldn't be happier with my stickers! Colors came out perfectly: vibrant, and true-to-color, with a beautiful glossy finish.

Moo sticker review

Thanks for checking out my Moo sticker review! Just a head’s up, I’ve included referral links to Moo in this post. If you want to order your own stickers from Moo, you’ll get a 10% discount by using my referral link, and I’ll get a small commission for referring you! Good or bad, you can count on me for an honest review. I would never advertise a product that I didn’t use and love myself. :)

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed I have a small obsession with Moo print materials. I’ve posted pictures of everything from my business cards, to thank you notes, to stickers.

I first decided to try Moo after receiving poor quality business cards from VistaPrint (see the comparison), and I’ve been in love with Moo ever since! I just ordered some Round Stickers and StickerBooks from Moo, so I thought it’d be a great time to post a review. :)

Moo Round Stickers

For this set of stickers I whipped out my trusty Pantone swatch booklet in order to pick my colors, and entered the CMYK values of my picks directly into Photoshop. As a designer, nothing irks me more than having colors off on print materials, so I was pleased when I compared my Moo stickers to my original Pantone swatches and they matched perfectly.

Moo Round Stickers Review

Moo Round Stickers Review

Moo StickerBooks

One of my favorite things about Moo stickers is each sticker in your pack can have a different design (this is also true of their business cards and greeting cards). For the StickerBooks shown below, I used 90 different photos from my sister’s Instagram account (Pro tip: you can export all your Instagram photos at once using My sister is a Senior in high school, and I thought these would be fun for her to use when writing letters to friends, to include in peoples’ yearbooks at the end of the school year, etc. As you can see, each sticker is about the size of a quarter.

Moo StickerBook Review

Moo StickerBook Review

As is always the case when I get something printed through Moo, I am really pleased with the quality of my stickers! The colors are rich and accurate, and they have a beautiful glossy finish. You’d never guess that they only cost around $10 per pack. :) If you’re looking for stickers that are both affordable and sure to impress, Moo is the printing company for you!

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