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On March 19, 2013
Last modified:March 21, 2014


My cards couldn't be more perfect! They're vibrant, true to color, and have a beautiful glossy finish.

Thanks for checking out my Moo business card review! I’ve included referral links to Moo in this post. If you want to order business cards from Moo, you’ll get a 10% discount by using my referral link, and I’ll get a small commission for referring you! Good or bad, you can count on me for an honest review. I would never advertise a product that I didn’t use and love myself. :)

I am headed off to the BlissDom conference this week (wooohoo!) and I got some business cards printed up for the occasion. I’m a bargain hunter, so I thought I’d give VistaPrint a try (despite their lackluster ratings) when I found a coupon for 250 “premium” business cards for $10 – that’s $0.04 per card. When I pulled the first card out of the box, I was devastated. The colors were completely washed out and the entire card looked fuzzy/blotchy. NOT the first impression I want people to have of my business!

It was then that I decided to place an order with Moo. I heard great things about them from colleagues, and I wasn’t taking any chances on getting sub-par quality cards again! I found a 10% off coupon online and ordered 50 business cards for $17 ($0.34 per card – when ordering larger amounts, the price per card decreases). I couldn’t be more pleased with the final product! The artwork is crisp and clear, and the colors are superb – they’re nice and vibrant, and match my website perfectly. See the difference for yourself:

Vistaprint vs. Moo

A few things to note: Vistaprint and Moo cards are slightly different sizes/shapes. I was aware of this when ordering and modified the placement of objects in my design file slightly to account for that. No other changes were made – the colors and resolution of each file were exactly the same. Each of the cards shown above were the very first cards taken out of the box. So lesson learned: you get what you pay for. Don’t be cheap and skimp on quality! My Moo cards are worth every penny, and my only regret is that I didn’t order more.

Post by: Jessica Barnard


  1. Your MOO cards are way better. Your illustration always makes me smile when I see it. I don’t get the giddy feeling looking at your vistaprint card.

    • Thanks, Tiffany! You’re right – my Pixelista girl just doesn’t have the same effect in washed out colors. I’m so glad I was able to get the MOO cards in time for Blissdom. Hope we can make it to the same conference one of these times! :)

  2. Amazing difference! I’ve ordered from both as well and Moo is the best!

  3. Moo is the ONLY printing service that I recommend to my clients Jess. They aren’t the cheapest around, but they provide consistently good quality and I do think they’re good VALUE for money. Fabulous to see the difference though- what a stark contrast! Literally ;)

  4. I just got my first set of business cards from Moo and I am very disappointed (I’ve never used them before). I decided to try out their luxe cards and that was a huge mistake. The background color looks more like a faded black than a rich dark grey and that is because the luxe cards are printed on an uncoated paper stock (I knew that but still hoped they would look nice). The ink is flaking off the edges and the special “color vein” makes the cards look like they are stuck together and should be pried apart. I’m wondering if your business cards were printed on a coated paper stock with a varnish. My design would look better on a coated paper stock with at least an aqueous coating (live and learn).

    • Oh no! Thanks for the head’s up. I got the regular business cards with a glossy finish. I’ve heard great things about Moo’s customer support – I’d give them a call! I’m willing to bet they’d reprint them for you free of charge.

      • Jessica,

        To their credit, a rep from Moo did email me today (on a Saturday) and she wants to see photos of my cards and has offered to do a reprint, possibly on different stock. So we’ll see how it goes. I just think that a design that uses mostly white as a background and only color in a few places would look fine on the luxe uncoated paper stock, but not my design.

        • So here’s what happened. The rep from Moo offered not only to have the cards reprinted (this time on coated paper with a matte laminate), but also rushed the shipping so I’d get them by Wednesday. They paid for the reprint and the rush shipping. The cards turned out beautifully. It turns out that I would have had better results going with the “regular” business cards than with the Luxe. Still, I ended up with beautiful cards & great customer service from Moo.

  5. Love seeing this! I’m looking to get new cards soon since I just redid my site and my old cards don’t match my new image as well as wanting to change some info. I now know where my new cards are going to go.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this. I am just about to purchase business cards online, and was stuck between Vistaprint and Moo. This was really helpful. I’m off to purchase with Moo now.

  7. I ordered Moo Luxe cards and was totally disappointed. Not only do they not look anything better than Vistaprint but the paper is kind of low quality. There is no way I can justify the higher (outrageous) cost of Moo verus Vistaprint or even a local print house who can perform thermography on better quality paper than Moo Luxe uses. Completely confused by the excessive positive reviews and totally disappointed. The most impressive part of Moo is the packing, but it was all downhill from there. And frankly I’d rather save paper and money by not packing in fancy ribbon enclosed boxes. I do this for business, not because I like pretty boxes.

    • Hi Wayne, I’m so sorry to hear about your negative experience. I order from Moo regularly and have always been very impressed with the quality of their products, but I have never ordered any of the Luxe items.

      It sounds like Lisa (a gal who posted an earlier comment on this post) also had some problems with Luxe cards, but was able to get it resolved by contacting Moo’s customer service team.

      Hope that helps, and best of luck!

  8. Hi Jessica!!
    Thanks for the tips, I already order mine from Moo and I used your referral link! Also thanks for that ;)

    Best of all.

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