How to Use FTP

Even if you installed WordPress using Fantastico or Simple Scripts, you will likely need to use an FTP client to install certain plugins and themes. So let’s start with the basics!

What is FTP?

An FTP (file transfer protocol) client is software you install on your computer that allows you to upload/download files to and from your hosting service.

Installing an FTP Client

The FTP client I will be using in this and all future tutorials is Filezilla. It’s great piece of software and it’s completely free! When you go to download the software, make sure you select the “Download FileZilla Client” option.

Accessing Your Files

When you open FileZilla, you’ll see something like this:

Input the following information:

Host: your domain name (for example, mine is
Username: usually this is the username you use to access your hosting account
Password: usually this is the password you use to access your hosting account

If you’re having trouble logging in, contact your hosting provider for assistance accessing your account via FTP.

Post by: Jessica Barnard

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