Interview with Troy Dean of WP Elevation

Last year at Pressnomics, I had the pleasure of chatting with Troy Dean about his newest business venture, WP Elevation, which is the world’s first business accelerator program to help WordPress consultants get better clients, work on better projects, and… [read more]

Display Your Photo in Google Search Results

With the rise of Google+ in 2012, you’ve probably noticed that that G+ accounts have been integrated into Google search results and display a mini photo of the author next to certain articles. Google search rankings are now highly impacted… [read more]

Why Invest in a Professional Web Design

In today’s economy, business owners are having to get creative and cut costs wherever possible. As a business owner myself, I totally get that every dollar saved is a dollar in your pocket at the end of the month. For… [read more]

Increase your readership and make money blogging

With the goal of monetizing your blog, you have to start viewing blogging as not just a hobby, but a business. There are thousands of bloggers who have taken their passion for blogging and turned it into a substantial source… [read more]